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What if you could address first-time misdemeanor offenses with an alternative path to arrest? What if you could save time and resources in processing an offense? What if the diversion program/intervention service were comprehensive, measurable and scalable in real-time?

Welcome to the Civil Citation Network!

The Civil Citation program initially implemented in Leon County, Florida is a public/private self-sustained pre-arrest diversion program.  Success of the program rests with law enforcement officers issuing citations that incorporate evidence-based assessments and appropriate intervention services. Health providers assist in support services with a clear goal of reducing recidivism. 

Intervening at the earliest point in the process is critical. The Network deploys a set of tools to hold the adult/juvenile accountable throughout the process. This is accomplished through the Network's proprietary software platform (Civil Citation Network Application) that seamlessly blends law enforcement, clinicians and appropriate stakeholders. The software allows agencies complete management without the headaches of servers, software, paper management and dedicated IT staff. All this in a secure and encrypted environment.

A summary of network and application features can be found here.

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In the last 12 months,
42% of Florida youth not arrested
were issued Civil Citations

Source: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
May 2014-April 2015 data

Why civil citation network?

The primary goal of the Network program involves holding offenders accountable, improving the safety of the public and reducing recidivism. This is accomplished through our integrated technology platform.
Direct benefits of using Network tools and services include:

Keep adults and youth that pose no immediate threat to public safety out of the criminal/juvenile justice system with an alternative path.

A repeat of minor offenses consume community and law enforcement resources. As the resources become stretched, less time can be spent on more serious offenses. Civil Citation directly benefits public safety by intervening early and with appropriate services to modify behavior change leading to repeat offenses.

The Civil Citation Network's program gives law enforcement officers tools to better manage first time misdemeanor offenses. By diverting the offenders away from the criminal justice system and reducing recidivism, law enforcement is able to focus their limited resources on more serious crime.

The Network's mission is to match the intervention service using a host of tools during the initial citation and assessment. The critical aspect in preventing recidivism is to continually address violations and match them to the appropriate tools. Key components will typically include behavioral modification strategies, educational aspects, community service, and counseling.

The Network helps reduce disproportionate numbers of minorities (specifically juveniles) involved with the justice system. This is accomplished by intervening with relevant services at the earliest point in the process. By allowing offenders the opportunity of a second chance, expanded adoption could ultimately lead to reductions in minority over-representation.

Immediately reduce the cost of processing minor offenses to the community. For juveniles throughout the State of Florida, about 40% in savings went back to Florida taxpayers. This does not include the additional costs for repeat offenses.

Civil Citation Program

Adult & Juvenile Civil Citation Programs

The statewide civil citation process is designed to provide an alternative to formal judicial handling for first time misdemeanant offenses. The purpose of Civil Citation is two-fold.

First, the process aims to prevent further offenses.
Second, the process ensures that the offense is appropriately addressed without creating a criminal record.


Eligible participants must admit to committing the offense and agree to participate in the civil citation process. Florida Statutes requires this process to be implemented at the local level. Further, statutes specify that the process includes both an assessment of the needs of each participating youth and the provision of services to address the specific needs.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is tasked with encouraging and assisting Florida communities as they implement and improve this process.


For more information on the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, click here
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Network Features

The Civil Citation Network integrates law enforcement, clinical support services and partner stakeholders for straightforward management of citations. Core components of the network include:

Single Data Portal

Centralized access to information. Combines all aspects of the citation with full accountability.


Individualized assessment and
assignment for intervention in real-time.

Community Service

Integrated referral system and
verification process.

Secondary Services

Coordination of drug screening and follow-on services
for participants

Application Features

The Civil Citation Network Application is an enterprise level SaaS that interconnects all facets of the participant case. The technology supports all Network functions. General features are shown below.


For specific questions related to your agency needs, contact us.

Case Management

Start to end citation management, notations, communication, state statutes & ordinances.

Assess & Assign

Intervention services tied into offense and assessment in real-time.

Records Management

Communication, case notes, documents, verification forms are attached to each participant case.


From live case data to specific case analytics to permission based data aggregators.

Payment Service

Accept and process all participant service payments.

Secure Communication

Secure sandbox messaging, active live notifications and centralized document sharing.

Scalable User Manager

Manage agency staff and granular permissions for all groups.

Built-in Support

Technical support issues, feedback notification and product wish list.


Account encryption, multi-pass security, built-in permission bindings, State compliant privacy standards.

Program Completion Rate: 80%

Data: Leon County, Florida pilot program
of 1,000 adult civil citations issued.

Our Partners

Civil Citation Network Partners and Stakeholders

State of Florida Civil Citation

State of Florida

Tallahassee, Florida

The State of Florida - Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) civil citation initiative addresses a youth’s behavior at his or her first encounter with the juvenile justice system and provides an alternative to arrest for that child. 

Civil citation is vital to DJJ’s efforts to reform the juvenile justice system by giving first-time misdemeanor offenders the opportunity to participate in intervention services at the earliest stage of delinquency. Learn more about the Department's initiative.

Disc Village

DISC Village

Tallahassee, Florida

DISC Village, a non-profit community-based agency, has been in operation for nearly 40 years and is one of the largest and most comprehensive prevention, intervention and treatment agencies in Florida.

DISC Village has become recognized as a leader in the state for initiating, managing, and coordinating delinquency and substance abuse prevention/intervention programs in Leon County and North Florida. Learn more about DISC Village.

Tallahassee Police Department

Tallahassee Police Department

Tallahassee, Florida

The City of Tallahassee is the seat of and only incorporated municipality within Leon County. It is the capital of Florida and home to two state universities.

The Tallahassee Police Department, one of the oldest Police Departments in the United States, provides public safety services for the city of Tallahassee, Florida. TPD has a distinguished history of fighting crime and being a leader in innovative police services. Learn more about TPD

Elena Taylor

Leon County Sheriff's Office

Leon County, Florida

As the capital county of the State of Florida, the Uniform Patrol Bureau of the Leon County Sheriff's Office comprises 82 Deputy Sheriffs and Supervisors.

Law enforcement is provided to a 702 square mile area of unincorporated Leon County.
Learn more about LCSO

Tallahassee Community College Police Department

Tallahassee Community College Police Department

Tallahassee, Florida

Starting in Fall 2015

The Tallahassee Community College Police Department (TCCPD) supports the mission of Tallahassee Community College by promoting a safe and secure environment for higher education.

TCCPD combines proactive, reactive, and educational law enforcement services for our campus. Learn more about TCCPD.

The Change Companies

The Change Companies

Carson City, Nevada

The Change Companies is a national publishing, consulting, training and media company working with leading industry experts to develop effective, evidence-based materials that assist individuals in making positive life change.

Civil Citation utilizes the elearning suite of courses that use interactive multimedia to engage trainees in applying proven behavior change practices. Learn more about their products and services.

Court Options

Court Options

Miami-Dade/Hillsborough Counties

Court Options is committed to the provision of a comprehensive array of quality court-related services for people involved in the criminal justice system.

These services are designed to create new opportunities for individuals and to deliver effective alternatives for our courts, thereby enhancing public safety. Learn more about Court Options and their services.

Bay Area Youth Services

Bay Area Youth Services

Tampa, Florida

The agency, founded by William F. Bowman, was developed with the objective of improving the quality of life and increasing the potential of Florida’s youth.

Since that time, BAYS has provided high quality and professional youth and family services throughout the State of Florida. Learn more about Bay Area Youth Services.


Florida Smart Justice Alliance

Florida Smart Justice Alliance

Tallahassee, Florida

The Florida Smart Justice Alliance (FSJA) is an amalgamation of different stakeholder groups including law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice, community corrections, probation, managing entities, community-based care and behavioral health care providers in the non-profit and for-profit arenas. Learn more about FSJA.